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Are You Disappointed in Forex?

Forex can be rather addictive. It can also look like a miracle to many beginning traders due to its features: accessibility, high leverage, huge daily volume, large spectrum of trading instruments. However, sooner or later all traders reach a certain level of disappointment in the whole thing.

In reality, disappointment is just a stage in the trader’s professional development. It is mostly inevitable due to the high probability of getting hit with a losing streak or being crushed by some black swan event. When such time comes, it is important to find a way to cope with losses, even the big ones; moreover, it is crucial to remain honest about your losses. Then you can return to learning, practicing, and acquiring new trading skills. An example of a high-value action to jump-start your stalling progress in FX trading is removing at least some of the distractions.

A Frustrated Forex Trader Throws His Trading Station Out

Some people cannot get past it — either due to psychological reasons or due to the lack of necessary skills, abilities, or traits. I was through this stage a few times, but I would not call myself a disappointed trader. Yes, I view currency trading somewhat differently from how I dreamed about it during my newbie days. That being said, it is still my number one priority as a career choice, but my expectations are far less get-rich-quickish now. And how about you?

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