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Poll: Which Version of Position Size Calculator Do You Prefer?

According to a poll from 2013, only 16% of this blog’s readers preferred to use the Position Size Calculator for MetaTrader as their choice position sizing tool, while two thirds opted for a simple web version calculator instead. As it has been a month since the graphical panel version of the PSC was released, it is now time to measure the popularity of different calculators again.

Online Position Size Calculator is based in Javascript and offers a fast and convenient way to quickly calculate position size if you manually enter all the parameters. It does not require download, installation, and is available for traders independently of their platforms. Unfortunately, it lacks any interesting features and requires a lot of data entry work.

Online Position Size Calculator Screenshot

Legacy Position Size Calculator is an old school indicator for MT4 and MT5. You set all the settings via input parameters — with the exception of the entry/SL/TP lines, which can be moved on chart. It outputs all the calculated results directly to the chart. It does a lot of things in automation compared to the online calculator and has some extra features (risk and margin calculation), but is still quite unwieldy.

Legacy Position Size Calculator Screenshot

Panel-based Position Size Calculator is my latest product that provides traders with the best of what MetaTrader platform can currently offer — drag-and-drop design, minimization, fast inputs, tabbed layout, and so on. Its design allows for a much easier further customization and addition of new features. At the same time, it has some drawbacks compared the legacy version. For example, it cannot be increased or reduced in size without heavy code modification, while the legacy version’s size could be altered via font size manipulation.

Panel Position Size Calculator Screenshot

I personally, prefer to use the panel version in my own trading. Still, I would like to hear opinions of all the blog’s readers, especially those who prefer older version of the indicator or the web version of the calculator.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

If you want to share some details about the tools you use to calculate position size for your trades, please feel free to do so using the commentary form below.

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