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The Top Is In for the U.S. Dollar

By Money Metals News Service

Last week, Peter Navarro, the Trump appointee heading the National Trade Council, declared Germany has orchestrated a “grossly undervalued” euro to take advantage of the U.S. in trade. His remarks mirror sentiments expressed many times by President Trump, who has often accused China and other nations of devaluing their currencies.

These criticisms strike us as more than a little hypocritical given the extraordinary amount of steering Treasury and Federal Reserve officials here do to manipulate the value of the U.S. dollar. But the tough talk is having a profound effect in the currency markets. The dollar just had its worst January in 30 years relative to other world currencies. This despite expectations the Fed will continue hiking interest rates and reducing stimulus in the months ahead.

Trump’s desire for a weaker U.S. dollar may put him at odds with the Fed’s desire to “normalize” interest rates.

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