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Was 2017 Profitable for You? Poll

Happy New Year, traders! With 2017 finally over, it is time to sum up our yearly trading results. I still have one open position carried over from 2017 (symmetrical triangle in GBP/USD), but that is not a problem since I calculate profits and losses based on the trade’s closure date — my 2017 results include one trade that had been opened in December 2016 and was closed in July 2017.

To make the long story short, my 2017 bottom line is +7.6%. Although insignificant compared to some benchmark metrics (consider the rise in ^S&P500 and ^Bitcoin for example), my latest yearly results are a nice step forward compared to my 0.7% loss in 2016. However, the number of trades continued to fall — I have closed only 11 Forex/commodity positions in 2017 compared to 13 in 2016. And with fewer trades, it is even more obvious that my 2017 results are positive thanks to just a single trade.

Trading Performance in 2017

Profitable trades

I had only four winning trades in 2017: ascending channel in USD/CAD @ H4 (my masterpiece of a channel breakout trading), bullish pennant in USD/JPY @ H4 with crazy risk-to-reward ratio, symmetrical triangle in GBP/NZD @ D1, and another bullish pennant in AUD/USD @ D1. The USD/JPY trade gained me a fantastic 11.6% return, helping to move the whole year into the green territory.

Worst losers

The remaining seven trades were losers: three channels, a couple of double-tops, a symmetrical triangle, and an inverted head-and-shoulders formation. Obviously, six trades are not enough to draw any meaningful conclusions to adjust my trading strategy. NZD/USD ascending channel was the worst one as the stop-loss was not set to my initially intended level, resulting in a 2.4% loss, but it was an otherwise normal trade.

Other trades

Not all of my trades are pattern-based, but I track my long-term fundamental positions separately and do not include them in the yearly tally as they are operated from a separate account. My GBP/NZD carry trade had been closed by a stop-loss back in April. Neither I am counting my cryptocurrency trading results here because that is a totally different story.

The year 2017 was a modest improvement over my previous year’s results and I am more or less happy not to be among the proverbial 95% of the traders who lose in Forex. Still I expect to further improve my performance in 2018. And how about you?

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If you want to let our readers know more about your Forex/CFD trading performance in 2017, please feel free to post a comment using the form below.

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